Sex toys for women : accessories offering many options

More and more women are looking to get into the world of sex toys. And for good reason, since they are excellent accessories to include in our sexual routine. You should know that sex toys have evolved from the most traditional to the most innovative. But what are these sex toys for women really, their advantages and their use.

Sex toys for women and their benefits

The sexual ones do not date from yesterday but for centuries. It was in 1869 that the first sex toys were launched by the British doctor Joseph Mortimer. He created the first rubber dildo. The latter was used for therapeutic purposes to treat cases of hysteria in women, a disease that was believed to be felt by the absence of sexual intercourse. Of course, its use was exclusively therapeutic. But things have changed a lot and today there are many options available to women.
Sex toys for women have many advantages. When we use them, we activate the hormone that produces pleasure and happiness. In addition, we feel responsible, safe and our self-esteem grows. So it’s time to put the shame aside and experience new things in our intimacy.
Among the advantages of the sex toy you have the following aspects :

  • • Good comfort when worn
  • • Stress release
  • • Help with self-knowledge
  • • Improved sexual health
  • • Activation of pleasure hormones
  • • Strengthening the pelvic floor

What types of sex toys for women are there ?

The world of sex toys is too vast. If you want, you can try a new experience every week or every month. Imagination is a fundamental part of sex toys. And the designers of these themselves clearly indicated this. Let’s say that sex toys for women can be categorized by external and internal use and some convey both of these functions at the same time. For internal use, you have vibrators, dildos, Chinese balls and plugs. For external use, you can use, for example, clitoral cups and clitoral massagers.

Can sex toys for women be used with a partner ?

Sex toys can be shared. If there is enough confidence in the couple, you can suggest the use of sex toys to get out of the routine. Thus, they will try together and discover a new world of possibilities related to pleasure.

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